Repair and maintenance of stone and marble surfaces

The motivation behind our company is to operate, with special care and high professional capacity to the maintenance and restoration of floors, coverings, sinks and showers and in general to everything that is made in stone and marble.

In particular we want to describe in this brief summary a recent maintaining intervention carried out by a current customer that we have been following for a few years in the Mayfair district.

Our Intervention:
Cleaning and repair of the materials

As you see from the photos our intervention was made necessary, due to the prolonged use of soaps and corrosive materials that have damaged the stone in the showers and bathrooms.

Our intervention has provided a first general clean of the materials, therefore it was repaired with previously colored resins uniform with the same materials of injuries, cracks and existing damages on the stone.

Our Intervention:
Finishing and polishing with natural materials

The next finishing work has been carried out with abrasive discs, with a degree of decreasing abrasivity, in order to eliminate the resins in excess and eliminate pre-existing stains.

The last determining operation for the success of the work is the polish, which is performed with a suitable machine through Felt. Selecting uses of natural fiber and crystalizing powders that give the stone the maximum shine, in some cases higher than the original.

Marble and Stone Cleaning: Before and After