Specialists in stone and brickwork cleaning and restoration, they are experts in all things masonry with a passion for restoring old, time-worn buildings to their former, regal might. Masonry is not a job to Artem Restoration, it’s an art form – a passion for their craft which is reflected in everything they do.
Though they have been providing their expertise for years, they have lost none of their initial enthusiasm for their work and still get the same satisfaction in seeing an old building brought back to its youthful state.


Stone is our passion.
Our experience working first-hand for many years with artisans of Carrara, home of Italy’s most prestigious marble caves, enables our expert masons to learn the art and mastery of working with stone and marble.
We can develop all types of projects as we know all there is to know about stone. We assemble, polish, clean and renovate it as a professional and company specialty, always ensuring optimum results and customer satisfaction. We would never put our name to something that did not represent the years of passionate training and experience that has come before it.


If there was ever anything that really represented Italian craftsmanship meeting British architecture and passion, it is the Victorian mosaic floor. Only a passion for ancient and beautiful things can adequately revive them, and at Artem Restoration we pride ourselves on giving a new light to the great works of the past. It is our mission as artists of the masonry craft as well as our duty to our customers!


By combining our lifetimes of experience with the latest technology available, we achieve exceptional results and total customer satisfaction in the restoration and cleaning of building facades. With lots of experience in façade cleaning around London, one of the world’s most architecturally diverse cities, Artem Restoration have yet to tackle a building they could not handle.

The Work and the Customer

With decades of experience training with the best masons in the world, as well as a true and genuine passion for our work, it is little wonder that Artem Restoration has become a market leader in stone and brickwork restoration.
This said, in a nation with a growing number of masons and restoration professionals – what else sets Artem apart? How have we succeeded where so many others have not?
The answer lies in our attitude to customer service. Even from the very start of Artem, we knew that customer service was as much an integral part of our duties as expert restoration projects.
Our customers pay not only for the physical restoration, but to be valued and kept informed at every step. We are professionals not only in masonry, but in all things, and this is reflected in our interactions with customers at each stage of the project from initial contact all the way to job completion – whether that is a day or several months in duration.