Removing the paint from bricks

The white-painted bricks that once seemed so fashionable and were used as a definitive solution to the conservation of the property, in recent decades it’s slowly giving way to the restoration of its original features and facades instead.

This is because beyond the purely aesthetic aspect that today we tend to prefer the return to “antique” solutions, the excellent characteristics of the brick left “naked”, which have contributed to making it over the centuries, are now well known to be the most used product in building construction.

Excellent are in fact the qualities of breathability and thermal insulation, which alone largely justify the removal of paint from the surfaces of the facades, also contributing to good savings in processing, both economically and technically.

Why were the bricks covered

The intervention of covering the bricks was performed in the past to hide repairs, cover years of carbon soot, seal and protect the old chipped and poor quality stones. Removing the painting from the facades is therefore a very useful solution that offers a result of sure impact, but it may also require restoration work on the underlying brickwork.

How and why remove the paint

The removal of the paint is a very elaborate process that can take several days to carry out and the procedure may have to be repeated several times depending on the quantity and / or type of paint used in the initial covering.

Once the paint has been removed, if there are still residues such as those of carbon, the bricks will have to be subjected to a chemical cleaning treatment to completely remove them together with the dirt that may not have gone away. This last treatment will be useful, however, both for an optimal processing and to restore the original color of the bricks.

Important: before any final cleaning operation is carried out, a test to determine the type and quantity of product to be used in order to verify together with the customer what the ending result will look like.

Procedure for removing the paint from the bricks

Generally we operate using a product applied with a spatula or brush on the surface to be treated, we let it rest for a period of time that can vary depending on the type of paint to be removed, the thickness and the external temperature to which one is working.

Subsequently the product is removed with our equipment and the surface washed with hot water at low or high pressure relative to the type of brick.

Paint Removing: Before and After