Our expert craftsmen are highly skilled masons who specialise in stone and brickwork repair or restoration.
Using traditional materials and aggregates, all of their work respects the era and standard of the rest of the building which ensures high-quality completion of the project.

London’s Brick and stone buildings face a constant assault by the environment every hour of every day. Pollution from traffic or other airborne sources stain and mark the structure, as well as eroding its face. In addition, harsh weather causes both structural and aesthetic damage which is aided by neglect and natural growths such as moss and vines.

We specialise in stone repairs for:

→ Cornices
→ Window sills
→ Architraves
→ Arches
→ Window surrounds
→ Columns
→ Stone re-pointing

We specialise in brick repairs for:

→ Brick moulded repairs
→ Brick refaces
→ Brick replacing
→ Re-pointing (includes specialist pointing methods such as flush, whether struck and tuc)
→ Cracks filling and helibars repairs

On the topic of paint removal, London is an architectural marvel and we believe it should be looking its best at all times. A big part of our restoration work in London relies on bespoke paint removal services, where we can remove paint from a building or wall whilst at all times protecting the delicate stone or brickwork and ensuring it looks as good as the day it went up. We clean up after ourselves and protect the local environment throughout the project – no mess, no fuss.