Brick and stone buildings face a constant assault by the environment every hour of every day. Pollution from traffic or other airborne sources stain and mark the structure, as well as eroding its face.
In addition, harsh weather causes both structural and aesthetic damage which is aided by neglect and natural growths such as moss and vines. To make matters more complicated, this constant barrage of damage from sources both manmade and natural have different solutions depending on the type of brick or stone which is present. This means that professional help is required in most cases.

Fortunately, Artem Restoration offer expert advice and care for both normal and historic buildings at an affordable price which means that a gorgeous structure is attainable as well desirable. Using DOFF Cleaning, London buildings have a new lease of life and due to facade cleaning, original London structures are looking better than ever.

Investing in your property not only enhances its image and preservation but it also increases its value.

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Paint Removing

Paint removal is one of the most popular requests we receive in and around London. This may be to return the brick or stone work to its original beauty, to help in conserving them by allowing them to breathe, or just to redecorate the building in another manner. Whatever the reason, Artem Restoration are there to make sure it is done safely and properly, with no damage to your structure or its valuable brickwork.

Tools of the Trade

Artem Restoration achieve high quality, fast results by marrying modern technology with traditional craftsmanship. This is all well and good – but what does that mean? As well as using scaffolding, cherry pickers, scissor lifts and cradles, Artem have three main methods of treating and cleaning brick or stone.

Chemical Cleaning

Chemical cleaning can be used at any or all stages of a job. Whether you need to soften up for paint removal or scour clean a large surface area of stonework, chemical cleaning can often be the answer to trickier, more stubborn problems. Our experience in doing this all over London means that we can do it safely and effectively.

DOFF Cleaning

Directed towards an area that needs cleaned. Think of it like a jet wash that fires water at 150°C. This gives DOFF cleaning a big advantage over many other types of stone cleaning, brick cleaning or facade cleaning tools available.
This mixture of high temperature and low pressure enables the DOFF cleaning system to remove moss, fungi or vegetation on the structure, as well as dirt or biological spores in even the tiniest spaces whilst causing no physical damage. Because no chemicals are used, you do not have to worry about erosion or environmental damage. The area dries in seconds, meaning that nothing seeps into the structure which can be an issue when using water-jet washes with larger structures.
Completed very quickly, results are visible on the same day which is ideal for anyone – especially so if you are planning to sell a property. Not many maintenance methods can increase your home’s value by so much in so short space a time. Especially not at such an affordable rate!


The TORC/JOS system is a safe method of cleaning stone surfaces both modern and historical. It uses a gentle vortex of low air pressure, water and tiny granules to remove dirt whilst not eroding or damaging the surface. It is also environmentally friendly, which is a big benefit for many people.