Bricks Cleaning and Restoration: Goldhurst Terrace

The Fundamental values of our cleaning and restoration work is our commitment to health and safety and a clean and efficient work site.

Our activities are in fact usually carried out in busy areas where there is a lot of pedestrian activity, around the historic buildings that we work on. For example one of the previous works performed by our company is a brick building dating back to the twentieth century built with brickwork that is heavily degraded for example architraves, missing bricks and other restored concrete.

The façade was covered with various types of oxides, mosses and powders of all kinds deposited over the years.

Our Intervention:
Protection of Doors and Windows

The first phase of the intervention concerned the protection of the entrance door and all the windows to allow the washing of the façade with our high water pressure machine (DOFF INTEGRA system) which involves the use of water at high pressure at a temperature of 150 degrees, the parts most resistant to cleaning were finally treated with chemical solvents.

Subsequently we started the replacement of the missing decorative bricks specially recreated by hand in specialized laboratories. The unsafe architraves have been dismantled and restored.

Our Intervention:
Re-pointing and Final Bricks Cleaning

The final phase of the restoration included the removal of the old pointing on the entire façade and the subsequent re-pointing. Before the dismantling of the scaffolding we carried out a final washing of the façade for the elimination of dust and processing residues, thus bringing the façade back to its original beauty. The entire project took about three weeks to complete.

London’s Brick and stone buildings face a constant assault by the environment every hour of every day. Pollution from traffic or other airborne sources stain and mark the structure, as well as eroding its face. In addition, harsh weather causes both structural and aesthetic damage which is aided by neglect and natural growths such as moss and vines.

Bricks Cleaning and Restoration: Before and After